All this week on 9NEWS at 6 a.m., we're taking our viewers behind the scenes to show you how the newsroom operates.

Three decades ago, in 1988, 9NEWS anchor Gary Shapiro produced a series of stories taking viewers behind the scenes to show how we get the news on the air each day.

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At the time, he had no idea that 30 years later digital media would play a role large role in the way news is covered. In 1988, news stations didn't even have websites, let alone Facebook or Twitter pages. Now, all of those sites are an important part of our everyday job.

At 9NEWS, a lot of work goes into putting together our newscasts, but there’s a whole different production going on for computer, tablet and Smartphone users.

Web and social media producers are tasked with writing and posting stories for and the 9NEWS app. They're also responsible for posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.

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Their job doesn't end with a social media post, they also monitor comments and reactions to the posts.

Misty Montano is the director of our digital department.

"It’s all about our audience, and the conversation that we’re able to have with them instead of just talking at them,” Montano said.

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Those comments may be used during a newscast or to get ideas for future stories. Whether it’s a serious news story, an investigative report, or just cute pet pictures, we try to keep up with what social media users are talking about.

“It’s a great way to see the conversation,” Montano said. "Where we are being talked about, who is talking about us, both good and bad.”