Are you feeling burnt out at work? You aren't the only one. An estimated 40% of U.S. employees regularly put in more than 50 hours a week, while 20% put in more than 60 hours. All of that time inside the office, plugging away after work hours too, can make any person go a little crazy.

While some offices are beginning to offer "unlimited vacation plans" or more work-from-home options, Americans still feel that they can be chained to their desks - so much so that an estimated 58% of employees claim they'd be willing to make less for more time away from the office. The average American worker averages about 10 days off per year, and many of them rarely use all 10 days. "Only 33% of employees are encouraged to take the paid time off they're entitled to, while just 11% are encouraged to use their sick days for mental health," according to a study by The Motley Fool.

So, would you take a pay cut to get more time off? Let us know your thoughts!